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Dr Christopher Hill, qualified Chiropractor and Lynette Hill, degree qualified Naturopath and registered homeopath, are a mother and son natural health duo.  For years they have seen the benefits of taking a whole person approach to health, referring patients to each other and seeing those patients thrive. Now their dream of working together has become a reality with Ascent Chiropractic and My Remedy joining together to create a Wellness space. Along with Chiropractic care and Naturopathy, they have joined with other practitioners to enable patients to access holistic care within the natural medicine setting. 

ACC Registered

Our chiropractors are ACC accredited and able to lodge claims for injuries that meet ACC criteria.

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Dr. Christopher Hill

BSc(Chiropractic) DipAppSC, ICAK, MNZCA

Dr Christoper was just a small baby when he first encountered Chiropractic Care. From that moment it has been an essential part of his life from injury management and prevention as an athlete through to general wellbeing and maintenance. 

He is passionate about helping people get the highest quality of life possible by enhancing awareness of nutrition, nerve and muscle functions, the spine and how these aspects all work together to make up an entire picture of health. 

Dr Christopher is experienced and skilled in  paediatric and geriatric care and like all the chiropractors at Ascent is qualified in Applied Kinesiology.

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Lynette Hill

Naturopath, Homeopath, Hemaview, Darkfield Microscopist. 

Lynette was drawn to study Naturopathy because she saw first hand its positive effects on her own health and that of her family. Naturopathy has helped Lynette to get happy, healthy and loving life and she is passionate about achieving similar results for her patients. 

In her consultations, Lynette uses live blood screening technology to identify dis-ease and inform her patients how and why their symptoms have presented and the path to recovery. 

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Dr. Angela Steventon

BSc (Psychology), BSc (Chiropractic), ICAK, ACNEM, MNZCA

Discover a holistic approach to wellness with Dr Angela at Ascent Chiropractic. With over 20 years of experience, Dr Angela transcends traditional chiropractic care by integrating psychology and physiology into her practice. She believes in the profound connection between mind and body, employing a comprehensive strategy to target the root causes of discomfort and imbalance. From chiropractic adjustments and applied kinesiology to nutritional therapies, she's committed to fostering physical, emotional, and mental harmony. 

Dr Angela welcomes individuals of all ages from the young to the elderly to start their journey toward balanced wellness. Schedule your appointment today and let Dr Angela guide you to a healthier, empowered life.

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Kohei Iguchi

BNatMed, BSc

Kohei is a qualified naturopath, medical herbalist and live blood screening specialist. He is passionate about helping his patients by finding the best possible solution in order for them to achieve optimal health. 

Through a comprehensive consultation process Kohei will consider physical, emotional and lifestyle and develop a holistic treatment plan.

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Dr. Paul Taylor

BSc (Psychology), BSc (Chiropractic), ICAK, ICSSD (F.I.C.S Sports), MNZCA

Dr Paul has been serving the East Coast Bays community for more than 20 years, prior to joining the team here at Ascent Chiropractic, Paul was based at the Calder Clinic also in Browns Bay.  He is a keen football and cricket player which led to his certification in Sports Chirpractic from Melbourne University. Paul has a passion for optimising sports performance. Like all the team at Ascent, Paul takes a holistic approach and considers  fitness, stretching, nutrition and psychology and more in his chiropractic consultations. He is also qualified in Applied Kinesiology. 

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Dr. Carina Calder


Carina gained her doctorate in Chiropractic in 1981 in Bournemouth, United Kingdom. Carina has long believed that health is a complex concept that goes well beyond the musculoskeletal system. This belief led her to Applied Kinesiology where she studied elements of nutrition, homeopathy, emotional wellbeing, posture, foot mechanics and more.  This led into hormones and fertility which then took Carina down the route of Paediatric Neurology and Functional Neurology. 

Carina has been a staple of the Browns Bay community for over 20 years. She is passionate about bringing health, balance and wellbeing to her patients and their families. 

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Stefanie Schaefer

Dip. Clinical & Advanced Hypnosis, Homeopath

Stefanie is a clinical hypnotherapist who uses her skills to assist a wide range of patients with a number of ailments. Symptoms that Stefanie can assist with include anxiety, phobias, sleep, weightloss and addiction. 

In addition to her Diploma in clinical and advanced hypnosis and membership to Hypnosis New Zealand Stefanie also holds a Diploma in Homeopathy. 

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Visiting Specialists

Ascent Chiropractic have many guest practitioners and specialists visiting our clinic across a wide range of natural health areas. Contact Us to find out our guest practitioners over the coming months.

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